Genital Herpes Treatment

One topic that people do not like to talk about is genital herpes. This is a very highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. When you have genital herpes, you may notice things like itching and sores around your genitals. Pretty much, the cause of genital herpes is a strain of herpes that enters your body by small little breaks in your skin.

Thus, sex is the primary way to get this virus. There are two bad things that people hate about genital herpes. The first is that you can get it from just one night with someone. Sometimes you can even get it if you use a condom. Sleeping with someone that has had a lot of sexual partners can increase your chances of getting it (this goes double for the woman). The second reason why people hate genital herpes is because there is no genital herpes cure. However, there are are many genital herpes treatment formulas that reduce both the severity of the outbreaks, and the recurrence time.


Since there is no genital herpes cure, it is a very common disease. It can affect both men and women who have many sexual partners. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention says that genital herpes will affect about one in every six teens and adults. This is just in the United States alone. This control center also says that it normally gets brought into relationships when one of the partners has slept with another person during time apart. That is normally the only way that this kind of disease can be brought into a relationship.


Symptoms of genital herpes are very easy to spot. The things to look for would be very small red bumps near your genitals and anus. These small bumps can even look like blisters or open sores. These little bumps are going to be painful and very itchy. They can be found on the butt, genitals, and on the inner thighs. It is important to keep a lookout for symptoms of genital herpes. During breakouts, it is more likely to pass this virus on to other people. Of course, you can still pass it on when no outbreak has occurred.


If you think that you have genital herpes, then you need to go see your doctor right away. Your family doctor will be able to tell if you have genital herpes by doing a tissue scraping. They can also tell if you have genital herpes by doing a blood test. During this time, you will also be told of any other sexually transmitted disease that you have. Nine times out of then, if you have genital herpes, you have some kind of other sexually transmitted disease, like Aids or chlamydia.


The sad thing is, there is no genital herpes treatment. Thus, there is nothing that you can do to get rid of this. There are some treatment prescriptions that you can take, which may reduce how often you have the sores that pop up. If you take these pills every day, then you will reduce the chances of giving it to your partner. However, all the medication can do is reduce the chances of spreading genital herpes and reduce how often you have the sores on your body.

Home Remedies

Since there is no genital herpes cure, there are not many genital herpes home remedies out there either. Most of the home remedies for genital herpes involve safe sex. For example, by avoiding sex you can reduce your risk of ever getting genital herpes. If you have genital herpes already, then you need to keep your sores dry and clean all the time. Always try to avoid touching the sores that are on your body. If you do come in contact with the sore, then you need to wash your hands right away. Of course, one of the best home remedies for genital herpes is just knowing about them. For example, most people do not know that you can still get genital herpes from a person that has no signs of having it. This is because they are just in between breakouts. However, they can still give you the virus. Using condoms can help reduce the chances of getting them, but this is not a sure fire thing.


Overall, genital herpes is something that people do not like to talk about. It is very important to practice safe sex. When having sex with a new partner, always be sure to wear a condom. This can help you have better odds of not getting this disease. The good news is that people are becoming more aware of genital herpes. Soon, people may be able to knock this disease out all together. One day they may be able to find a cure for genital herpes, but until then, it is up to you to stay smart and avoid it at all costs. Improvements in the medical field are happening all the time, and one day they may be able to knock this disease off the face of the planet.


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