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Has it ever felt like your big toe was on fire! When you looked at it, was it swollen and almost hot to the touch? If it was, then you may have had gout. When your toes have gout, it gives you an almost intolerable pain. If you have never heard of gout, it's actually a type of arthritis. Things that normally come with gout are redness and tenderness of the joint.


When people think of arthritis, they think that only older people get it.

However, this is actually a disease that can affect anyone. In fact, gout can affect both men and women. Of course, it is kind of important to point out that it does affect men more than women. That does not mean that women do not get it, but they just get it less often. In fact, there have been very few cases of young women ever getting gout.


When you are taking about gout, the things that people talk about the most are the symptoms that come with it. In fact, this is what makes gout so bad. The worst thing that you get from gout is, of course, the very intense joint pain. Now, when people think of gout, they think of it affecting the big toe. That is because the big toe is the thing that gets affected the most. You should keep in mind, however, that gout can occur in other places as well. In fact it can show up in the ankles and the knees. Some people have even got gout on their hands and wrists. The good news about the pain is that it normally only lasts for about ten days. Soon you will have a normal looking joint that is pain free. The other thing that comes with the gout is, of course, the inflammation and the redness. This is something that you can see more than you can feel. However, the inflammation does cause a lot of tenderness and heat. In fact, you will feel as if the area of your body that has the gout is on fire! These are all the normal gout symptoms that you will have to deal with.


If you go in to see your doctor because of your gout, then you will have to do a few different tests. The first test that the doctor is going to run is called the joint fluid test. This is where the doctor is going to stick a needled into the affected area to draw out some of the fluid that is affecting your join. After doing this, the doctor will place this fluid under the microscope to examine it. Sometimes the join fluid may reveal some urate crystals. Your doctor is more than likely going to run a blood test on you as well. This is to check for uric acid levels in your blood. The only problem with the blood test is that they can be misleading when it comes to gout.


If you do have gout, then there are a few different treatment options that you have open to you. One of the best gout treatment options to use is the anti-inflammatory drugs. These kinds of drugs are, of course, going to control the inflammation and bring down the pain. Not only that, but your doctor may give you colchicine. This is a great way to effectively control gout symptoms. Last, but not least, your doctor may give you steroids. These steroids can help you control the inflammation of your gout.

Home Remedies

The good news about gout is that there are a lot of home remedies for gout. In fact, sometimes you can go on a gout diet that can help you get rid of you gout faster. One of the best home remedies is to apply ice to the area that is affected. This is going to prevent you from feeling the pain and will bring down the inflammation. After applying ice, you can switch back and fourth between ice and heat. Wrapping a moist towel around your affected area will help as well. In fact, if you wrap the area while you sleep, it could help you sleep better. Try to keep the towel lose to make it more comfortable. When you are talking about a gout diet, the best gout home remedies involve cherries. Try to eat about 25 cherries a day. This is going to lower your uric acid level. You can eat either sweet or sour cherries; it really does not matter.


Gout is not fun to deal with at all. This has to do with the pain that gout brings you. Overall, gout can be controlled pretty easily. Although there is nothing you can do to get rid of it right away, you can use some of the home remedies that we talked about to bring down the pain.


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