High Blood Pressure Treatment

High blood pressure is a big problem in the world today. In fact, when you have high blood pressure that means that you are putting extra tension on your arteries. These are the things that carry blood from your heart. Of course, when you are talking about the extra tension, this does not mean emotional tension. In fact, this means stress that can, over time, weaken the arteries.

If you are checking your own blood pressure, then you should note that normal is about 120/80. If you have 139/89, then you are in what is called pre-hypertension. Last, but not least, if you have 140/90, then you have high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes a lot of problems in your body.


People around the world have high blood pressure. This is something that actually affects a lot of people. In America, they say that one out of every three adults has high blood pressure. That means that there are about 73 million people right now that have high blood pressure in America alone. It is also estimated that there are about two million teens and children in America that already have high blood pressure.


The problem with high blood pressure is that the symptoms can occur very suddenly and without warning. In fact, that is why it has been given the name the silent killer. Most people that have high blood pressure end up dying from heat attacks or strokes. Although you may not have any high blood pressure symptoms right away, over time these kinds of symptoms could pop up. Sometimes you may have headaches and dizziness when you have high blood pressure. Other times you may have blurred vision. However, most people just dismiss these problems without any kind of second thought. If your blood pressure goes unchecked for a long time, then you can have things like impaired vision and, of course, kidney failure.


If you think that you have high blood pressure, then you should visit your doctor. When you go in to see your doctor, he will check your blood pressure. The good news is that it is easy to diagnosis it yourself. All you have to do is visit your local drug store. Most of them have a blood pressure machine that you can use. When you go to check your blood pressure it will give you a reading that you right down. After checking it for a few days, you can see if your blood pressure is staying up too high or not. After you have checked it for a few days, if it is still high, you should go see your doctor.


A high blood pressure treatment can come in a lot of different forms. Normally the best thing that you can do is follow a very healthy eating plan. It would also help you if you could maintain a healthy weight. If you are a smoker, then you should quit smoking right away. If you have a bad time with getting stress out, then you have to learn how to cope with your stress and not get so stressed out. That is just going to make everything worse. Sometimes your doctor will give you medication that you can use as well. This can help to control your blood pressure as well. Of course, this medication is only going to work if you follow the other things that we talked about as well.

Home Remedies

As far as home remedies for high blood pressure go, there are a few things that you can do to help lower your blood pressure. One way is to take 100gm of powder melon seeds. On top of that, you should take 100gm poppy seeds as well. You should mix it in a tsp of water, and drink it in the morning and in the evening. You should also eat your garlic, because it has been proven to help lower high blood pressure. If fact, just simply chewing on a clove of garlic can help you. Just chew on the garlic in the morning, and then wash it down with some water. Last, but not least, try to make a juice out of some curry leaves. Take about 30 leaves and break them down and add them to a cup of water. Strain the drink and then drink it up.


Overall, high blood pressure home remedies can be used to make sure that you keep a good check on your high blood pressure. There is no reason why you should let your blood pressure get the best of you. You can control your blood pressure if you use the tips that we talked about today. If you can not keep it under control, then you better go talk to your doctor to make sure that you get it down. High blood pressure does not have to control your life, you can control it!


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