Jock Itch Treatment

It is very easy to get skin infections on any part of your body. However, the areas around your inner thighs and genital areas are even more prone to getting infections. That is because it is a warm area that can get moist from sweat and whatnot. Thus, jock itch, sometimes also called tinea cruris, is something that a lot of people have to look out for.

This is indeed a fungal infection that is itchy and red. Most of the time, it will form in ring-shaped patches. The area that it is most likely to appear on is the thigh, genitals and, of course, the buttocks. Of course, it can form on any area of the body that is moist and warm. The name jock itch came about, because it is a rash that a lot of athletes get since they sweat a lot. It is important to note that it also affects people who are overweight.


So what kind of people can get jock itch? Although the name makes you think that only men can get it, that is not the case. In fact, women can get jock itch too. That is why the medical field refers to it as tinea cruris. It does tend to appear mostly on people who are athletes and people who are overweight. However, any person that has a warm moist area on their body that does not keep it clean can get this.


The symptoms of jock itch are what makes it so hard to live with. Although this is not something that is comfortable to live with, it is important to note that there is normally nothing to worry about from getting jock itch, and it will normally go away on its own. However, the reason why people seek jock itch treatment is because of all the itching and redness in your groin. In fact, a lot of people say that it has a burning type feeling that will affect that area. Other times, if it is real bad, you will have flaking and peeling of the skin. If the skin becomes very dry, then it could start to crack. This causes a lot of pain in the groin area. Not only is it going to burn, but wearing clothing can become uncomfortable. This goes double for walking and exercising.


Most of the time, you do not need to go see your doctor for a jock itch cure. Not only that, but you normally do not have to go see your doctor so that he can diagnosis it. If the jock itch lasts longer than two weeks, then you might need to go see your doctor to have it looked at. When you go in to have it diagnosed, the doctor is likely going to take some skin scrapings. Then the doctor will test that for potassium hydroxide.


If the jock itch is too uncomfortable to wait out, then you can rest assured that there are some jock itch cures that can help you. Sometimes if it is just mild, then you can take some over-the-counter anti-fungal medications. Most of the time, these come in the form of a spray or lotion. If it becomes worse or does not cure up on its own, then you might want to get your doctor to give you something. He will be able to give you some more powerful medications to make sure that you get your jock itch taken care of as fast as you can. Jock itch is not something that is fun to live with.

Home Remedies

Most of the time, jock itch is something that can be taken care of with home remedies. Do keep in mind that, most of the time, the jock itch home remedies can also be used to keep jock itch from coming about in the first place. The best home remedies for jock itch include bathing daily. Although this sounds simple, some people forget to do it. If you are a person that works out daily, then you need to make sure that your shower after every workout. Not only that, but try your best to keep your groin area dry. Warm moist areas are a breeding ground for fungus. If it is going to be hot or humid outside, do not wear thick clothing. Do whatever you can to keep your body cool. If you already have jock itch, it could be necessary to change your underwear at least two times a day. If you have athletes foot, be sure to take care of it, because it can spread all over your body and give you jock itch.


People around the world have to deal with jock itch everyday. However, it is something that can be overcome if you take good care of your body. Be sure to shower everyday, and use the jock itch home remedies that we talked about. If it does not get better in the course of about two weeks, then you might need to talk to your doctor. He will be able to give you something to get over it faster.


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