Rheumatism Treatment

There are a lot of problems that can be hard to deal with. One such problem is rheumatism. This is a word that comes from the Greek word 'rheuma', which means swelling. As you can guess by now, rheumatism is a swelling of the muscles, joints, tendons, or ligaments in your body. This is something that can be very painful, and that is why people are always looking for rheumatism cures.

The good news is that there are rheumatism and arthritis treatment options, as well as rheumatism home remedies that you can try.


Rheumatism is a problem that affects more people than what you would think. Just like other joint pain, this is something that affects people more as they get older. Men and women get this illness about the same, and all the races have an equal chance of getting it. No matter what you choose to do, rheumatism is something that you have to get taken care of. This is not something that you can just keep living with, because it causes a lot of problems.


Rheumatism is pretty easy to spot because of the pain that it causes. For example, you are likely to have soreness and pain in your joints. This can even be soreness in your muscles as well. Of course, you should note that it is different from just a sore muscle. When you have rheumatism, then just the weight of clothing can cause a lot of pain on your muscles.


The main cause of rheumatism is toxic waste in your blood. Thus, if you think that you have rheumatism, your doctor may want to do some blood work on you. Eating too much bread, sugar, and meat can cause too many toxic waste products in your blood stream. Of course, you should note that this is not always a problem. If you think that you have rheumatism, then you should go visit your doctor right away. This way he can work with you on treating your rheumatism.


Some of the best rheumatism cures involve using water enema. This is where they take warm water and shoot it into your bowels. This is a great way to clean out all of the toxic stuff that has built up in your body. After that, you may want to try to get some hot packs to place them on the affected areas. This can help to bring down the pain. Of course, just sitting in a warm bath helps a lot. If you are going to use a warm bath as a rheumatism treatment, then you might as well put epsom salts in the bath as well. You should try to sit in a bath of epsom salts about twice a week for three months. It will also help you if you can get some fresh air and do some very light outdoor exercises. Try to go for walks and things like that. This can help to loosen up your joints and so on. Most people think that you should put cold on swollen joints. In the case of rheumatism, you need to avoid damp and cold compresses at all costs.

Home Remedies

If you are still having problems with your rheumatism, then you should note that there are a few rheumatism home remedies out there that can help you. One good thing that you should try is to drink potato juice. Take about two teaspoons of potato juice before each meal. You can get juice from a potato by smashing it raw. Also, do not throw the skin of the potato away either. Eating the skin is a great way to help cure your rheumatism. This is because it is very rich in minerals and salt. If you have any bitter gourd, then you should use that too. Try to extract juice from the vegetable and drink it. You should drink it mixed with just a teaspoon of honey for taste. People have even found that celery is a good cure for rheumatism. Simply drink the fluid that gets extracted out from the raw vegetable. This is also a great way to clean out your stomach and your kidneys. Also, if you can stand the taste, you should drink the juice from two to three lemons a day. This will always bring good results, as far as taking care of rheumatism. Other home remedies for rheumatism involve using walnuts. All you have to do is eat about half a dozen of them a day to help treat rheumatism.


As you can clearly see, rheumatism is something that can be taken care of from home. You just have to know what to eat to get your rheumatism to go away quicker. Try to follow the rheumatism home remedies that we talked about. This can help you get rid of it. Of course, if you do not have rheumatism, then following these tips can help you from getting it in the first place.


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