Erectile Dysfunction Remedies Suggested by Users

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Increases oxygen and adds co2 to increase blood flow  Submitted by OldAxe
Reciept: 32oz pure honey 16oz corn syrup (I use karo pancake syrup)12oz apple cider vinegar 12oz tap water four heaping table spoons of aluminum free bicarbonate of soda. Use a 6 quart pot to prevent boilover and watch it closely. Heat over low heat. at about 150Deg.F it will start to foam up. Just before it runs over turn off the heat. After it cools and settles down bottle it.(I use the bottles it came in) Take one half zo by mouth twice a day. It takes three or four weeks to see results.It works for me,I'm 80 and I don't have to get up nights either (Google maple syrup and bicarb)Any frutose sugar will work. Some say this will cure most types of cancer. I put some on an old dog with red mange. The red color was gone within hours and all the hair grew back in less than 6 weeks.
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