Ringworms Remedies Suggested by Users

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stoping some skin fungus  Submitted by Rich McClelland
Ringworm all over most of body.This works and easy done.One teaspoon lime or lemon juice and 8oz. water.Wipe on (best paper towels)morning and night.No mess and cleans dries skin because bit of citric acid.More not better will inflame skin.Other help if red and tender is Desitin baby ointment 40%zinc oxide not others.Heals skin also smothers fungus which needs oxygen to live. So far excellent help and fast also cheep consdering other methods and doctor visits. Do try as explained.Skin stays dry yet breatheable with lime mixture and big areas soon go down a lot.Maybe helpful other similar conditions because dosn't kill direct but prevents feeding and living conditions. Also checking some spices and herbs claimed antifungal.Will try soon to kill once tiny resistant spots evident. I thank God for help given already. Was a mess and now nearly 85% gone in 2 weeks. Try and i hope good news.
Here today gone tomorrow  Submitted by OldAxe
In the shower run hot water on the ringworm as hot as you can stand it for two or three minutes. Don't over do it 125% is hot enough, Move in and out of the stream if it seem too hot. The one on my foot stopped itching was gone the next day.
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