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For a website based on home remedies and natural health information, the vitamin is a core component. That's why we created a section for the sole purpose of explaining the different vitamins, why they are important, how to get them, and how much is too much.

For many people in North America, getting all your essential vitamins (vitamins which our bodies need in order to survive) is not very difficult. Literally millions of people take simple vitamin supplements ensuring they get all of their necessary vitamins.

Others use strict diet plans and meal planning to make sure they get the vitamins they need. But have you ever wondered what each vitamin does for you? Have you ever wanted to know what foods contain what vitamin? Or maybe you were curious about how much is too much when it comes to a certain vitamin. This section provides all of those answers for many of the most important essential (and non-essential) vitamins.

Vitamin A: We've all heard that carrots are 'good' for the eyes. But does anyone know why? Read more about the amazing Vitamin A here.

Vitamin B: Did you know that vitmain B complex used to be thought of as 1 vitmamin? We now know there are at least 8 different B vitamins? Learn more about all the B vitamins.

Vitamin C: Everyone knows vitamin C helps with your bone growth and strength. Some use it to fend off the common cold. But is vitamin C all it's cracked up to be? Learn about it in our Vitamin C article.

Vitamin D: Did you know that we get Vitamin D in many of our foods, but that we need sun exposure to activate it? Find out how we discovered Vitamin D here.

Vitamin E: Found in almost all of the top skin and anti-aging creams, Vitamin E is a hit in the cosmetic section. What else can it do? Read more about Vitamin E here.

Vitamin K: Probably the strangest of all vitamins, it got his name from the German Koagulationsvitamin. It is currently being studied for possible cures for Alzheimer's, cancer and liver disease. Learn more about the new Vitamin K.

Come back often for information on vitmains and their role in our body health and future medical successes. Future articles will include Daily recommended vitamin intake for infants, children, adults and the elderly. Ne articles on synthetic vitamins and on the best vitamin supplements are also coming soon.

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